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What Objective Reality Really Is
11/14/2018 @ 06:17:46 AM (EST)
You don't have to believe it, but to see it, you need to understand what it means to really look.
What is unbreakable will?
You live in reality
Stay high and get shot down
Stay indifferent and remain irrelevant
Stay grounded and there's no stopping you
Try no harm then show no mercy - It only matters if you care
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Step 1: Understand all your efforts are futile if you are not honest.
Facilitate critical thinking by promoting honesty.
The Ones Who Learn To Love The Fire
Sooner or later we all go through a crucible.

Most believe there are two types of people who go into a crucible:
• The ones who grow stronger from the experience and survive it.
• The ones who die.

But there is a third type: The ones who learn to love the fire.

Who choose to stay in their crucible because its easier to embrace the pain when it's all you know anymore.

Living is not for the weak.
How To Think Clearly
"You do not think thoughts simply because they are there."

Thinking is a very high-capacity ability. We experience thoughts as emotions. The clearer we are able to think, the clearer these emotions are able to become.

Your thinking ability is roughly split into 2 thinking categories:
• The ability to concentrate on and think about what is around you/what you are currently experiencing in the "real" physical material world (what is real)
• The opposite; your ability to concentrate on and think about anything that is not around you/anything you are not currently experiencing in the "real" physical material world (what isn't)

When these two thinking abilities of an individual are reaching an ideal balance, that individual is best able to channel their total thinking ability into what they are thinking in the "real" physical material world.

Since each portion of thinking ability feeds off the other, ideal balance is achieved with optimal awareness of control.

People are too often afraid to become aware, have control (knowledge), and find balance within themselves as they exert their power (use their knowledge) over the world. Do not be scared of removing limits from your thinking in general, be scared of removing limits carelessly.

Any power an individual has, they deserve, because once knowledge is obtained, time cannot be reversed and so since the individual managed to gain that power, unless someone would kill them (or otherwise inhibit their potential) because of it's acquisition, they are free to exert it as they please...

However, every smart individual understands that with power comes responsibility and in order for them to have ideal circumstances, they would be best off exercising the most responsibility possible.
Just Be Fucking Honest
If you're not honest with yourself, there's no point going further.

Your existing core value is going to logically inhibit your ability to accurately identify your core value.

Even trying the next step becomes a waste of time.

Step 2: Find things in your life that are not critically thought out.
Facilitate correctly identifying your core value.
The Life Story
We build up models of how we see the world outside of us and the more information that we have the more we refine our model one way or another.

What we ultimately do is tell ourselves a story about what the outside world is.

Any information that we process, any information that we take in from the environment is always coloured by the experiences that we've had and an emotional response that we're having to what we're bringing in.
How To Learn Anything
It is only when you understand that you don't understand, that you can begin to learn.

- Knowing and understanding are two different things; understand was used on purpose.
- You must know something as a prerequisite to understanding it.
- If you do not know of something, how can you identify what you are attempting to understand?
- If you do not have an understanding of your knowledge of something, how can you truly understand it?
- Therefore, a real understanding comes from a process of understanding the knowledge you acquire in relation to something.
- Knowledge is an ability to acknowledge the existence of something.
- Understanding is being able to "take that knowledge in" in a sense; Perhaps apply it in different ways.
- Therefore, understanding when you don't understand allows you to [understand to] continue seeking more knowledge.
- The process of knowing, understanding that knowledge, then understanding your understanding of that knowledge, is the true process of forming persistently accessible thoughts.
- The process of learning can be described as the consistent, persistent usage of the true process of forming persistently accessible thoughts in relation to the topic(s) being learned.

Step 3: Identify your complete core value chain.
Truly love and accept logic as a fundamental part of your existence.
What is a core value?
What you value above anything else.
What is a core value chain?
Your core value can change throughout your life based on your experiences and the knowledge you derived from them. The previous core values you had do not always just disappear, and build links to form your complete core value chain, all the way to the end where your current core value is.
Is there an ideal core value? What is it? Why is it ideal?
Bidirectional apprehension is clearly the most superior core value because it truly allows you to understand that safety is a concept that does not truly exist.

This makes forwards-rationalized apprehension the most compatible pre-existing core value from within which to reach for bidirectional apprehension because more often than not forwards-rationalized apprehension (contemplating the future) is used as opposed to backwards-rationalized apprehension (contemplating the past) in efficiently functional individuals with bidirectional apprehension as an existing core value.
Applicable Apprehension
Proper cognition involves bidirectional apprehension. This is by default a state that considers the self and environment of appropriately scoped importance. It generally leads a lot more to a right action mindset.

Every core value chain resolves to one of 3 core values at the lowest level.

Backwards-rationalized apprehension
Backwards-rationalized apprehension is contemplating the past, this is usually purely emotionally/impulsively fueled but can implement rational thinking.

Some individuals can have a core value of backwards-rationalized rationalization, which may make them unable to reach for bidirectional apprehension ever. This core value can be identified using a diagnosis of Paranoid Personality Disorder.

This core value eventually leads to either "Pure Paranoia" (perpetual sheer terror) or "Paraphrenia" (perpetual sheer panic).

In cases where other illnesses may be present, such as Schizophrenia, this leaves the individual vulnerable to variants such as paranoid schizophrenia.
Forwards-rationalized apprehension
Forwards-rationalized apprehension is contemplating the future, this is usually driven a lot more by the rational thinking part of the brain.

Some individuals can have a core value of forwards-rationalized rationalization (intermittent terror or panic) but it is often easier to overcome than it's backwards-rationalized variant.
Bidirectional apprehension
Bidirectional apprehension is actively using critical thinking to put your headspace in a state where you can flawlessly switch between backwards- and forwards-rationalization as necessary to form an ideally critically thought out world view that accurately takes into consideration the probabilistic nature of reality.
What is logic? What is life?
Everything you do is fundamentally driven by the consistent patterns that bring about your perception of reality.

If your logic tells you the bottle is blue, the bottle is blue.

Logic, however, does not make things true.
The Bidirectional Apprehension Thinking Process
ConceptualizationThe core of an idea is identified
RealizationThe idea is more fully realized and it's form starts to take shape
VisualizationDetailed construct of layout and functionality of relevant data is produced
RecreationVisualized concept is implemented in practice, and initial testing to confirm successful replication of intended idea is performed
Confirmation (optional)Others test and provide feedback to potentially further refine and polish concept

Step 4: Understand and experience complete ego death.
Understand that any core value not using logic as a tool and as a goal is fundamentally flawed.
Don't Be A Dick
A dick has a sad life.
His hair is a mess,
his family is nuts,
his neighbour's an asshole,
his best friend's a pussy,
and his owner beats him.
Don't Actively Seek Safety
Most people come from a place of ultimately accepting safety as a core value, whether more directly or through logic as a means to an end.

Ultimately, the only practical difference between core values is how aligned with reality they are.

Actively seeking safety feeds backwards-rationalized core values and leads to binary thinking, which is binary opposition between thoughts.

Binary opposition
A binary opposition (also binary system) is a pair of related terms or concepts that are opposite in meaning. Binary opposition is the system by which, in language and thought, two theoretical opposites are strictly defined and set off against one another.

If you've already understood your current core value isn't bidirectional apprehension and that it should be, the next rational thing to do is to realize you really have to live your life understanding and applying the implications of what you know.

Safety is a concept that does not truly exist.
The Game Of Speculation
"All through time, people have basically acted and reacted the same way in the market as a result of: greed, fear, ignorance, and hope. That is why the numerical formations and patterns recur on a constant basis.

The game of speculation is the most uniformly fascinating game in the world. But it is not a game for the stupid, the mentally lazy, the person of inferior emotional balance, or the get-rich-quick adventurer. They will die poor."

Don't Fear Ego Death
Understand that the best insurance against ego death is a contemplative, strong inner self-identity.

An ego defined in this way is resilient against loss of money, reputation, physique, family, and friends.

Ego death can be very painful, and there is no way to protect completely against it.

Step 5: Try to confirm your ego is completely dead.
Continue to embrace the natural fear that your perception of a fundamentally probabilistic universe entails.
Fear Remains
You will always be scared. To be alive is to be scared. You can't run or hide from it for real. Fear is what ultimately always drives you.

If you use logic to navigate embracing it instead of pushing it away, you can radically change how you experience life.
We All Start Unconscious
For many things, your attitudes came from actions which led to observations which led to explanations which led to beliefs.

It is well known in psychology the cart of behavior often gets before the horse of attitude.

Attitude and Behavior
Attitude is a feeling, belief, or opinion of approval or disapproval towards something. Behavior is an action or reaction that occurs in response to an event or internal stimuli (i.e. thought).

Your actions tend to chisel away at the raw marble of your persona, carving into being the self you experience day-to-day.
Consciousness Revisited
It doesn't feel that way though.

To conscious experience, it feels like you are the one holding the chisel, motivated by existing thoughts and beliefs.

It feels as though the person wearing your pants is performing actions consistent with your established character, yet there is plenty of research suggesting otherwise.

Your choices and free will are going to be defined by your intellectual ability to take distance from your belief system and ideas and look at things from a bigger perspective.

The things you do often create the things you believe.
Why Should I Give A Flying Fuck?
Individuals without bidirectional apprehension as a core value are prone to having an active ego, and when their ego gets activated, they start demonstrating narcissistic behavior which sows the seeds of discontent within the intersubjective reality. This can eventually lead to them knowingly or unknowingly ruining all the relationships with people that they have.

Here are 5 fundamental traits that a person without an active ego (meaning they have bidirectional apprehension as their core value) will never demonstrate:

1. Make demands that other people live up to your, not their, standards.
By pushing people to live up to the image you project as important, you are creating resentment and discontent.

2. Fail to build trust and loyalty.
The intrinsic, emotion-focused, qualities that people have are the ones that are needed to form close and lasting relationships. If you only focus on the superficial, those who are in a relationship with you will fail to bond at a deeper level.

3. Fixate on the external trappings than on what really counts.
If you are constantly expecting those in your life to look the part but not adopt the intrinsic qualities, they will eventually feel less motivated to do either. Allow them to express their individuality and even encourage them to fulfill their inner strivings.

4. Violate the trust that you and your associates have established.
People who are high in narcissism don't value trust or loyalty, but instead are trying to achieve recognition. If your partner, coworker, friend, etc. senses that you're likely to throw him or her under the bus, it will erode the foundation on which good relationships are built.

5. Fail to see your own foibles and flaws.
Those high in narcissism exact high standards on others but don't apply those same standards to themselves. Recognizing your weaknesses and contributions to problems will lead your intersubjective reality to eventually resent your constant demands for perfection.
"Intellectual Masturbation"
Some individuals have taken to telling others they are "intellectually masturbating" when faced with the facts. Don't tell people they're intellectually masturbating because it makes you clinically insane.

Telling someone they're intellectually masturbating is the closest thing to intellectually masturbating that there is.

You're a pro or you're a noob. That's life.