No Enterprise
What is No Enterprise?
11/14/2018 @ 06:19:57 AM (EST)
Not for those who settle for anything less than greatness.
Today's society is a society filled with fear and ignorance. Most people fit into a mold because that's what the people around them have told them to do and they don't want to think outside the box. Many people are obese. Many people are depressed. Many people try to lead a simple life without any really ambitious goals. It's a mentality born from seeking safety and comfort at the detriment of growth and maximizing potential.

No Enterprise is not a place where the faint of heart find comfort or solace. It's not for the average person who just wants to get a job, get married, have kids, and die. It's not for the lazy or simple-minded that find the world to not be a brutally cutthroat place, or don't really care if they do. This is a place where individuals that truly strive for inner growth and maximizing their potential can find further enlightenment on their path to fulfilling their dreams and experiencing their journey for it's maximum potential. A place where the hardened can fortify and purify their soul. A place where humans learn to become gods.