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The Burden of Communication
11/29/2017 @ 11:38:02 AM (EST)
It's pretty simple, but a lot of people suck at it.
If you post or respond to posts here, you are obliged to write in a manner that can be understood and responded to.

This involves form and content.
Form is spelling, grammar, and punctuation. There is no excuse for lacking these basic skills. If you have a hard time with this, try writing your post in Word or whatever word-processing program that came loaded in your computer. Most of these programs are designed to correct basic errors of spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
Content is the substance of your post. Just about any comment you can make is either a judgement or a call to action.

In the case of judgement, you are stating that you agree or disagree with a statement and your reasons for agreement or disagreement.

If you disagree with someone, it is because:

• They are uninformed (lacking information),
• Misinformed (based on wrong information),
• Their reasoning is flawed (they draw wrong or erroneous conclusions from the basic information),
• or they are incomplete in their analysis.

If you disagree with someone the burden is on you to clearly state why. There is no point in just stating "I disagree" - that is just being mindlessly contentious. If you agree with someone and find it worth saying so, it also does not hurt to state why.

In the case of a call to action, you are stating what should be done or not be done and your reasons why.
"I don't care"
If you can't make the effort to be understood in the first place, don't be surprised when you get ignored or logically decimated.

If you just "don't care" if your post is understood, or if you are legible or coherent to anyone reading it, then why post here in the first place? Go do something more productive with yourself, like stick a butter knife into an electric socket or take a nice swig from your nearest bottle of Ultra Clorox.

The same goes to all the people that immediately jump on every newcomer with petty nit-picking criticism.

Kindergarten dismissed!