Shattered Wings
Game Overview
12/03/2017 @ 07:20:05 PM (EST)
A summary of what Shattered Wings is all about.
Shattered Wings is a newly emerging game with an expansive, dynamic, evolving feature set aiming to maximize scope while providing a balanced, rewarding gaming experience. It is currently in Alpha and being developed actively on a daily basis.
Progress and updates are available in the changelog.

There are currently four main game modes that one can participate in within the game, outlined below.

WildernessDynamically generated maps featuring periodic mob spawns with varying stats and difficulty, requiring a gate key obtained only from killing floor mobs to finish the instance.
FortressFeatures a mostly dynamically generated map, however similar to many existing MOBAs, there is a base structure (fortress) that each team must defend, with tower structures distributed throughout 3 lanes leading towards the center of the map.
ShadowlessEssentially a free-for-all deathmatch mode where players are dropped into a dynamically generated map, have to hunt for equipment that teaches useful skills, and attempt to wipe out the competition to end up the last one standing.
TranscendenceFeatures voxel terrain that can be modified by players to build dynamic, expansive worlds.

There is additionally a main town area, called Shadownet, that acts as a meeting spot from within which the other game modes can be easily accessed.

Shattered Wings development started in September 2013 and is actively designed and developed daily.
Client Download
11/29/2017 @ 12:02:10 PM (EST)
Here you can download the game client to play Shattered Wings. The game is currently closed to the public.
Account registration and help are available in-game. Access is currently completely free.

Client download temporarily down while v9 is completed.

Microsoft Visual Cpp Redistributable 2012 is required to run the Windows client.
The client folder is bigger when extracted and includes a patcher. The patcher cannot be started directly.

Upon extraction, you get a folder called ShatteredWings.
To launch the game, start ShatteredWings.exe from inside the Release folder.

The ShatteredWings folder can be placed anywhere, as long as it can read and write all its files.
If you get messages about restricted file access, try moving the folder to a different location or running the client as Administrator.
12/03/2017 @ 01:29:51 PM (EST)
We keep track of the changes we make to the game here.
- (General) Added improved Orbital camera support
- (General) Added WASD-style realtime movement controls
- (General) Added jumping capabilities
- (General) Improved voxel physics
- (General) Added many items
- (General) Added inventory categories
- (General) Added several skills
- (Login) Improved the login screen
- (Login) Updated registration process
- (Wilderness) Added guilds
- (Wilderness) Added static map support with several maps
- (Wilderness) Added several NPCs
- (Wilderness) Added quest support with several quests


v8 - 12/28/2016
- (General) Inventory & shop listings differentiate equipment, usable, and other items
- (General) Chat box window reveals and hides on enter presses (keybinding)
- (General) All terrain generation is now performed with the voxel engine
- (General) Improved layout of character status area
- (General) Separated inventory and skills management from character management window
- (General) Cleaned FPS/Ping display interface
- (General) Cleaned character status display area
- (General) Added progress indicators to skills in character status display area
- (General) Cleaned and fixed cast time indicator interface
- (General) Polished chat area display
- (General) Added color formatting to chat messages
- (Shadownet) Added HP/MP healing potions to shop items
- (Wilderness) Added wilderness gate key item drops & required possession of it to clear
- (Fortress) General chatting is allies only & messages starting with /all are all chat
- (Fortress) Added "Fortress Vitality" buff aura around fortress base areas for each side
- (Transcendence) Fixed voxel chunk edge polygonization
- (Transcendence) Improved voxel engine processing & rendering performance
- (Transcendence) Added voxel placement tool change outline
- (Transcendence) Polished sphere tool performance
- (Transcendence) Added many additional materials

v7 - 04/02/2016
- (General) Allowed switching to the next field in the registration window using the Tab key
- (General) Removed Insider Access Key requirement to register accounts
- (General) Added bad word filtering to account names
- (Fortress) Added dynamic queues
- (Fortress) Applied full building destroy tier hierarchy
- (Fortress) Added range distinguishment between different mob types
- (Fortress) Fixed range checking on minion auto attack aggro
- (Fortress) Fixed tower auto attacking when opposing units enter range
- (Fortress) Disabled attacking structures with skills
- (Fortress) Fixed match win and loss increment counter
- (Shadowless) Added dynamic queues
- (Shadowless) Fixed match win and kill increment counters

v6 - 03/28/2016
- (General) Player positions are now shown on minimap
- (General) Added key binding for centering the MOBA camera view on the player
- (General) Added minimap clicks toggling pathfinds
- (General) Improved death timer UI to show in scoreboard
- (General) Buff & debuff timers are now displayed in Entity Status window
- (General) Fixed equipping skills given from shoes
- (General) Skill fixes: Sticky Goo: Longer duration and constantly updated slow in radius
- (General) Skill fixes: Resurgence: Added stat buff
- (General) Skill fixes: Trapshot: Damage, slow
- (General) Improved settings window UI & added camera and graphics tabs' functionality
- (General) Disabled auto attacking with no weapon equipped
- (General) Fixed auto attack glitchyness causing problems pathfinding right afterwards
- (Fortress) Players are now respawned in the right base location after death
- (Fortress) Players now start matches with 10 Dark Energy
- (Shadowless) Added rankings for most kills & most wins

v5 - 03/21/2016
- (General) Added @gamemode command
- (General) Passwords in login now accept full printable character range
- (General) Added invulnerability
- (General) Player names are displayed above player entities
- (General) Added cast time indicators
- (General) Added map pings
- (General) Added key binding settings
- (General) Added smartcasting capabilities
- (General) Made auto attacks automatically keep attacking the last target
- (General) Added selling capabilities to shops to exchange equipment for Dark Energy
- (General) Accounts are now loaded and saved properly to a MySQL database
- (General) Added friend list
- (Shadownet) Made everyone invulnerable at all times
- (Wilderness) Added global ranking system

v4 - 02/28/2016
- (General) Changed loading screen shader
- (General) Zoomed out default camera distance
- (General) Added player HP and MP bars & value + regen text in bottom display
- (General) Entities give a significantly reduced amount of Dark Energy when killed (10 -> 1)
- (General) Range indicators swap when a skill other than the indicated one is selected after
- (General) Skill fixes: Trapshot: Added full range | Glacial Pillar : Added damage along path
- (General) Added scoreboard interface window, enabled player listing & updates
- (General) Mobs no longer gain Dark Energy upon killing entities
- (General) Added item shops with stock display, item pricing, and buying functionality
- (General) Many Help window improvements (expansion & tab organization)
- (General) Items that don't teach skills display properly in inventory
- (General) Lowered camera edge scroll threshold
- (General) Improved game mode management
- (General) Added global server tick rate & counter
- (General) Fixed party-related client map entrance crash
- (General) Fixed crash on using unavailable skills when less than 6 are equipped
- (General) Fixed crash on visible range indicators when switching game modes
- (General) Added total Dark Energy gained to account statistics
- (General) Expanded pathfinding node limit to allow longer pathfinding operations
- (General) Added Orbital camera view (mostly to allow better voxel viewing and editing)
- (General) Improved network performance and stability
- (General) Increased duration of Ice Barrier buff to 60 sec
- (General) Total stat given based on Dark Energy used on items now displayed
- (General) Applied improved stat ratios to all available items
- (General) Fixed bow auto attack projectile speed
- (General) Limited equipping skills to 1 per slot type
- (General) Unmastered skills are unequippable without their item
- (General) Pathfinding fluidity glitch fixed
- (General) Added and applied cast times for each skill
- (General) Heal from Refresh now scales with Skill Power
- (Shadownet) Killing entities no longer grants any Dark Energy
- (Shadownet) Added simple item shop instance
- (Shadownet) Removed free HP & MP heal on entrance
- (Wilderness) Fixed exit gate block player position check
- (Wilderness) Total Dark Energy gained overall is now displayed in statistics window
- (Wilderness) Mobs now chase and attack when aggro'd
- (Wilderness) Added dynamically scaling mob difficulty
- (Wilderness) Added buff camp spawns
- (Fortress) Enabled game mode access
- (Fortress) Fixed minion death processing bug
- (Fortress) Added item shops to each side with all currently available items
- (Fortress) Added death timers and periodical respawn for players
- (Fortress) Added periodical jungle mob spawns
- (Fortress) Fixed minion update processing bug
- (Fortress) Players are randomly assigned side & spawn in appropriate base
- (Fortress) Towers auto attack enemy units within range
- (Fortress) Added jungle camps with buffs
- (Fortress) Added jungle mob respawning
- (Fortress) Added normal queues
- (Shadowless) Every player is spawned randomly throughout the map
- (Shadowless) Added normal queues
- (Transcendence) Enabled game mode access
- (Transcendence) Ported voxel engine terrain rendering from native OpenGL to Ogre
- (Transcendence) Added serialization/networking for voxels
- (Transcendence) Added essential voxel placement editing tools (single, line, sphere, cube)
- (Transcendence) Essential integration of the voxel and basic terrain rendering engines
- (Transcendence) Added voxel editing UI for essential functionality
- (Transcendence) Improved complexity of dynamic world generation
- (Transcendence) Enabled map saving with @save and loading with @load

v3 - 10/14/2015
- (General) Improved pathfinding performance
- (General) Fixed minimap pixel corruption bug
- (General) Changed hp & mp regen rate (every world tick -> 2x/sec)
- (General) Fixed damage-related desync bug
- (General) Fixed heal-related desync bug
- (General) Target skills casted on entities are removed upon target death
- (General) Fixed skillcast removal upon cast completion
- (General) Fixed pathfinding crash when attempting pathfinds too quickly
- (Login) Pressing tab on username field goes to the password field
- (Login) Pressing enter on the password field attempts login

v2 - 10/12/2015
- (General) Fixed network packet processing crash

v1 - 10/10/2015
- (General) Static map generation core with rendering completed
- (General) Integrated dynamic map generation core completed
- (General) Combat system skill casting core completed
- (General) Skills added:
- (Damage Amplifier) Fireball, Shatter Shockwave
- (Gap Closer) Hawkeye, Dissolution, Flash Rush
- (Ultimate) Resurgence
- (Sustain) Refresh
- (Steroid) Ice Barrier, Blood Rush
- (Utility / Crowd Control) Sticky Goo, Trapshot, Glacial Pillar
- (General) Combat system entity base stats implemented
- (General) Combat entity equipment item core completed
- (General) Equipment items added:
- (Weapon) Oldwood Bow
- (Head) Top Hat, Jesters
- (Face) Heart, Frozen Scar
- (Top) Plain T, Trailblazer, Sun Armor
- (Bottom) Trousers, Rushers, Rock Bottom
- (Shoes) Leather Shoes, Slime Shoes, Hunters Boots
- (General) Equipment item stat modifiers applied to combat entity stats
- (General) Combat entity buff/debuff core completed
- (General) Buffs added: Ice Barrier, Blood Rush
- (General) A* pathfinding with core optimizations completed
- (General) Game mode system core completed
- (General) Basic Inventory UI completed
- (General) Added Help window
- (General) Loading screen completed
- (General) 10 Dark Energy is granted to killer upon combat entity kills
- (General) Added player chatting & GM notice capabilities
- (General) Added item drop & pickup capabilities
- (General) Added range indicators for every available skill
- (General) Initial Alpha release
- (Login) Login UI and authentication completed
- (Login) Account registration UI & functionality completed
- (Shadownet) Added Wilderness, Fortress, Shadowless, and Transcendence access NPCs
- (Wilderness) Established game mode core & ending conditions
- (Wilderness) Dynamically generated stats applied to enemies
- (Wilderness) Added exit gate NPC & functionality
- (Wilderness) Mobs have a random chance of dropping various equipment
- (Fortress) Established game mode core & ending conditions; temporarily publicly disabled
- (Fortress) Functional but unstable periodical lane minion spawning
- (Fortress) Functional lane minion pathing, combat & structure targeting AI
- (Shadowless) Established game mode core & ending conditions
- (Shadowless) Dynamically generated equipment item drops throughout map completed
- (Transcendence) Established game mode core; temporarily publicly disabled
- (Transcendence) Functional prototype with expansive voxel rendering and placement
Next Steps
11/29/2017 @ 12:02:30 PM (EST)
Aside from the changelog, we also keep track of plans for future changes to the game here.
General Refinements
- (Fortress) Add auras for speed pools
- (Fortress) Add speed pools along the map side divider area
- (General) Fix occasional crash on program exit
- (General) Limit player ping frequency
- (General) Improve loading screen appearance
- (General) Fix buff camp targetting when attacking non-boss entities
- (General) Holding left click on minimap should shift camera location on MOBA camera
- (General) Fix random occasional movement glitch
- (General) Add critical hits and critical strike chance stat
- (General) Scoreboard keybinding changed to Tab and works as a toggle
- (General) Output numbers grow/shrink in size and "bounce" + fade away
- (General/Fortress?) Add passives/actives to certain items

Wilderness Refinements
- (Wilderness) Add mob camp size variance
- (Wilderness) Add auras to camp bosses
- (Wilderness) Add final boss on exit gate and require defeating it to complete the run

Fortress Refinements
- (Fortress) Decrease overall map size
- (Fortress) Add river terrain running through center of map
- (Fortress) Improve overall layout and make bases more clear
- (Fortress) Add passive dark energy gain
- (Fortress) Add health bars above structures
- (Fortress) Add dragon-type sequentially buildable buffs
- (Fortress) Add baron-type stronger buff
- (Fortress) Show match-relevant stats (k/d/a amnd team kills/struct kills) in corner ui
- (Fortress) Add bots addable to matches (potential difficulties later?)
- (Fortress) Minions have smaller than normal health bars
- (Fortress) Add match time markers before messages
- (Fortress) Add surrendering capabilities and interface
- (Fortress) Add first blood bonus dark energy
- (Fortress) Add first structure bonus dark energy
- (Fortress) Disable using shops beyond a certain distance
- (Fortress) Disable using shops from opposing teams
- (Fortress) Improve overall game mode performance
- (Fortress) Show structures on minimap and indicate deterioration of health in display

Interface Refinements
- (General) Clean and improve minimap appearance
- (General) Improved loading screen appearance
- (General) Message is displayed when attempting to cast a skill with insufficient mana
- (General) Add dark energy gain texts on entity death
- (General) Improve chat interface with categories
- (General) Add compact stat display in character status display area
- (General) Add buff/aura display in character status display area
- (General) Add aura display to entity status window
- (General) Add damage history and death recap on death
- (General) Add selected entity comparison interface
- (General) Add updated radial multi-type ping interface
- (General) Mark dead players more distinctly on scoreboard
- (General) Scoreboard shows a lot more info like k/d/a, struct kills, and items (w/ tooltips)
- (General) Party window shows party member hp/mp/ult status
- (General) Add health bars above fighting entities
- (General) Camp bosses have bigger than normal health bars
- (General) Add health and mana bars above players
- (General) Add special indicators for buff camps on the minimap
- (General) Show ward display range when showing placement indicator ui
- (General) Improve settings window interface
- (General) Display player <> structure kill queue stack
- (General) Add the ability to ping things throughout the interface
- (General) Add custom separation display on hp bars of players
- (General) Make "flurry" damage sources update the same text labels
- (General) Invincibility makes health above players turn golden
- (General) Killing sprees are announced
- (General) Killed players are ghosted on minimap for a while

Shadowless Refinements
- (Shadowless) Improved mode-specific terrain generation
- (Shadowless) Add first blood bonus dark energy
- (Shadowless) Add first item pickup bonus dark energy?

Transcendence Refinements
- (Transcendence) Fix placement tool outline display rendering & behavior quirks
- (Transcendence) Display placement material preview in editor interface window

Further Refinements
- (General) Add nimbus particle effect to refresh skill
- (General) Skill fixes: Dissolution: Faster, tp point remains, damage
- (General) Show walk path for pathfinding operations on minimap for player
- (General) Add auto pathfinding for skills & auto attacks
- (General) Add item storage (+ npc)
- (General) Add border chunk layer to map generation
- (General) Polish internal pathfinding grid generation with voxel terrain
- (General) Add unit collision to pathfinding operations
----> mark endpoints of all mobs pathfinding as blocked
----> mark current positions of unmoving ents as blocked
- (Fortress) Camera should scroll to destroyed fortress for match result
- (Fortress) Add seige boss camps in jungle for pushing lanes faster
- (Fortress) Add ranked queues
- (Wilderness) Using @home does not count toward total run count
- (Transcendence) Add world keyword system for newly generated and saved worlds

Vision Changes
- (General) Add ward-type item/skill/something for expanding vision
- (General) Add vision ranges for entities
- (General) Add vision change effects to map and combat (entity/skillcast/item visibility)
- (General) Add brushes to hide units inside not on same team
- (Wilderness) Add randomly placed brushes throughout
- (Fortress) Add randomly placed brushes in the jungle
- (Shadowless) Add randomly placed brushes throughout

Beta Initiation Changes
- (General) Add mode sequences that follow a reasoned progression
- (General) Daily quests for extra Dark Energy
- (General) Improve overall map decorations
- (General) Add tutorial grounds (tentatively Angel's Crib)
- (General) Add tooltips for inventory items & skills
- (General) Add minimap "scrolling" as active chunk region shifts
- (General) Add chunk vision radius and automatic paging of distant chunks for terrain
- (Transcendence) Add biome system integration to world generation
- (General) Add the following entity states: untargetable, stunned
- (General) Game mode replay system
- (General) Limit opening 1 client per machine
- (General) Add different themes for map terrain generation
- (General) 3D inventory system
- (General) Add simple character movement using WASD keys + add keybindings
- (General) Graphical resource updates (skills equips mobs)
- (General) Apply full use of RAII paradigm to entire codebase to increase stability & performance
- (General) Pings make sounds
- (General) Initial Beta release
Fan-Created Content
11/29/2017 @ 12:02:42 PM (EST)
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