No Enterprise
Update #2
07/13/2018 @ 10:53:35 PM (EDT)
- Lowered likelihood of ITEM_VAC misdetections
- Lowered likelihood of DISTANCED_MOB_ATTACK misdetections
- Lowered likelihood of FAST_ITEMID_SORT misdetections
- Lowered likelihood of FAST_ITEM_SORT misdetections
- Drastically lowered FAST_ATTACK misdetections to a now very acceptable level
- Fixed a typo in Muhamad's mineral refinement listing
- Improved appearance of @growth popup text
- Fixed some of the cause of account sticking issues
- Black Scarab now teaches Avenger
- Reduced number of channels from 3 to 2 for better overall performance
- Improved performance of XML WZ processing
- Shadow Shifter is no longer taught by Dark Katina Boots
- Shadow Shifter is now taught by Red Katina Boots
- Inkwell now sells VIP Teleport Rock for 5 million mesos
- Inkwell now sells Teleport Rock for 1.5 million mesos
- Inkwell now sells Eye of Fire for 10 million mesos