No Enterprise
Update #1
07/11/2018 @ 10:26:15 AM (EDT)
- Protected against a scenario that would cause the server to crash
- Considerably lowered frequency of FAST_ATTACK misdetections
- Fixed FAST_ITEM_SORT detection
- Considerably lowered frequency of ANTI_DEATH misdetections
- Skill level up popups now show up when learning a skill at level 1
- Base stat gains now show up in the side area
- Patched DC hacks using spammed buddy requests
- Athena Pierce no longer gives Beginner Bowman's bow
- Dark Lord no longer gives Beginner Thief Wrist Guard
- Dances with Balrog no longer gives Beginner Warrior's sword
- Grendel the Really Old no longer gives Beginner Magician's wand
- Kyrin no longer gives Pistol and Steel Knuckler