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Feel the Fear and do it Anyway
11/29/2017 @ 11:37:48 AM (EST)
It's definitely easier said than done though.
When you are facing fear
I am powerful, and I am loving.
I am powerful, and I am loved.
I am powerful, and I love it.
I'll handle it.

Do you see yourself as a victim, or are you taking responsibility for what happens to you in life?

The components of a more powerful way of living
• When you are not taking responsibility, you put yourself in a position of pain and hence decrease your ability to handle the fear in your life.
• Taking responsibility means never blaming anyone else for anything you are being, doing, having, or feeling.
• You and no one else are the one who creates what goes on in your head.
• Taking responsibility means not blaming any outside force for your experience of life.
• Taking responsibility means not blaming yourself for being different.
• Anything that takes away your power or your pleasure makes you a victim.
• Taking responsibility means knowing when and where you are not taking responsibility so you can eventually change it.
• Taking responsibility means handling your biggest enemy, your "chatterbox".
Emotions to notice and turn around
• Anger
• Upset
• Blaming others
• Pain
• Vengeance
• Self-pity
• Envy
• Helplessness
• Impatience
• Joylessness
• Fatigue
• Addiction
• Judgemental
• Disappointment
• Jealousy
Fear causes negative assumptions
There is an immediate assumption that negative is realistic and positive is unrealistic.
The subconscious does not judge, it believes what it is fed.

"Ships in harbor are safe, but that's not what ships are built for."
Just Do It
In order to truly see you must know what it means to truly look.
What there is, is not simply what is in front of you, it is a combination of what's in front of you with the possibilities of what could be next.

It is easy to get discouraged when there seems like there is a long way to go,
but the harder the struggle, the more unique and valuable the reward.

What makes people great is the greatness they find in themselves to face challenges with a rational standpoint,
while not seeing rationality as a weight that drags the calculations and decisions one makes down.

One should ultimately aim to be fully engaged in what they are doing in every moment they are in
and see each moment as fundamental to the next, dancing from one moment to the next in a fun way.

Truly fully being in the moment does not mean forgetting or ignoring the past or the future,
it means that you have put the right amount of thought into the past and the future to see what the current moment really means to you.

Ignoring the past means you are ignoring lessons you can learn.
Ignoring the future means you are ignoring goals you can set.

When you feel like you're down, when you feel like you're out, when you feel like there's nothing left... That's when you need to keep pushing. That's when you grow. That's when you reach new limits you didn't think were possible.

You have to be realistic and re-evaluate your goals and find somewhere there is new room for growth and improvement if you feel stuck.

Saying you don't believe in yourself makes it sound depressing. But if you look at it as just trying to prevent being overconfident instead you can be happy and motivated.

The human mind can rationalize pretty much anything. Once you realize how ridiculous that is, the ridiculous shit that happens doesn't really surprise you, and you feel empowered instead of weakened.

You never know but how much knowing is enough to know you don't need to care. Knowing you're always guessing in a way is really important. Just as important as knowing you can try to limit the guessing as much as possible for the best possible results.

You are intended to learn your path to greatness. You can find a way to feel successful in your own eyes always. People can label and judge you, but your own labelling and judgement of yourself is going to affect you the most. Understanding you can always become stronger is the key to discovering who you really can be.
When faced with fear, give yourself positive affirmation
An affirmation is a positive statement that something is already happening.

I'm breaking through old patterns and moving forward with my life.
I am drawing to me all good things.
My world is filled with abundance.
I am creating a beautiful day.
I relax and let go.
I make a difference.
There is plenty of time.
Do not let fear control you
When making positive affirmations:

• Always state them in the present.
• Always phrase them in the positive.
• Select ones that feel right at any given time, changing as your situation and mood changes.

Out talk your negativity.

No extra time is required.

Write 50 things you are happy exist in your day before you sleep.

Say yes to your universe.