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Fear-Based Emotion
06/15/2018 @ 12:06:41 PM (EDT)
Unmanaged dissonance causes fear. Fear causes resent. Resent causes hate. Hate causes death.
Fear-based emotion works on the assumption that purely rational thinking can be wrong which in reality is just the emotional aspect of thought processes causing a skewed perception of ultimately rational thinking.

The description of objective reality on this site is actually a carefully formed, not rationally falsifiable definition of what objective reality is, which can simultaneously permanently change your core value to bidirectional apprehension when followed perfectly, step by step.

This removes all delusion from all fear-based emotions one experiences.

Once you have adopted bidirectional apprehension as your core value, it is unlikely to have your core value degrade. You are permanently a smarter person.

Bidirectional apprehension might sound scary, but it's not terrifying at all. No matter what your existing core value is, if it is not bidirectional apprehension, it can be connected to either backward-rationalized apprehension or forward-rationalized apprehension at the root level of the core value chain; you are already always subconsciously in fear whether you're in denial of it or not.

The main difference is you are more firmly rooted in your denial because you rationalize solely based on reactive neural networks from emotional responses instead of utilizing neural networks that also react from logical responses to a fuller extent. This is what makes forward-rationalized apprehension much more powerful as a long-term core value before switching to bidirectional apprehension, because it means your existing mindset is already more aligned with the bidirectional energy flow.

Backwards-rationalized apprehension focuses primarily on the past when being reactive to logical stimuli (which is actually directional apprehension flow) whereas forwards-rationalized apprehension focuses primarily on the future when being reactive to logical stimuli. Since a bidirectional apprehension core value far more often will focus on forward-rationalized apprehension, this explains both why it is more ideal as a precursory core value, as well as why most people will encounter it as a transitional core value towards bidirectional apprehension for at least some period of time.