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Are you a pro or a noob?
11/28/2017 @ 11:22:24 AM (EST)
There really isn't an in-between.
The Point
Any core value besides bidirectional apprehension shows a lack of understanding applicable apprehension and is going to result in a mindset that has severe flaws which open the individual up to being manipulated.
Applicable Apprehension
Proper cognition involves bidirectional apprehension. This is by default a state that considers the self and environment of appropriately scoped importance. It generally leads a lot more to a right action mindset.

Every core value chain resolves to one of 3 core values at the lowest level.

Backwards-rationalized apprehension
Backwards-rationalized apprehension is contemplating the past, this is usually purely emotionally/impulsively fueled but can implement rational thinking.

Some individuals can have a core value of backwards-rationalized rationalization, which may make them unable to reach for bidirectional apprehension ever. This core value can be identified using a diagnosis of Paranoid Personality Disorder.

This core value eventually leads to either "Pure Paranoia" (perpetual sheer terror) or "Paraphrenia" (perpetual sheer panic).

In cases where other illnesses may be present, such as Schizophrenia, this leaves the individual vulnerable to variants such as paranoid schizophrenia.
Forwards-rationalized apprehension
Forwards-rationalized apprehension is contemplating the future, this is usually driven a lot more by the rational thinking part of the brain.

Some individuals can have a core value of forwards-rationalized rationalization (intermittent terror or panic) but it is often easier to overcome than it's backwards-rationalized variant.
Bidirectional apprehension
Bidirectional apprehension is actively using critical thinking to put your headspace in a state where you can flawlessly switch between backwards- and forwards-rationalization as necessary to form an ideally critically thought out world view that accurately takes into consideration the probabilistic nature of reality.
You're Pro Or You're A Noob
In this life, there are two primary types of fear: apprehension and terror.

Terror is a type of fear that is overpowering, overwhelming, and detrimentally crippling the vast majority of the time. It is very bad.

Apprehension is a much more tame fear that is more about being calculative and attempting to see potentially negative outcomes in life for what they are: possibilities. It is empowering, encouraging, and fundamentally efficient when channeled correctly.

You can choose to accept fear as a natural part of reality and try to channel it correctly, or you can be a pussy and try to run and hide from it.

But guess what? Running from fear only makes it worse later.

When people hear the word savage, they usually think of someone who is like a wild animal; impulsive, aggressive, and filled with ego.

But there are two kinds of savagery in this world.

The strong kind, where you embrace your emotions using critical thinking and because it is the smartest thing to do.
The weak kind, where you embrace your emotions impulsively and without reason.

As a result, when someone says they are a savage, you can instantly draw the following conclusion:
They are either really smart or really stupid.