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NoStory FAQ
**NoStory FAQ**

**Q: I'm not getting AP, how do my base stats increase?**
A: This server doesn't grant AP directly, instead you gain base stats by leveling them based on the type of weapon you have equipped. You can check @help to see which weapons grow which stats, @growth to see base stat EXP along with equipment EXP. Each stat gains EXP independent of each other.

**Q: How does equipment leveling work?**
A: Equipment can only potentially gain stats it already has. Most stats have a chance to gain 0-2. HP and MP can gain 0-5. Speed and Jump 0-1. Each stat has an independent chance of being raised each level. The max item level is 200. NX does not level up.

**Q: How does job advancing work?**
A: You can gain every job through the normal route of gaining it, but you can use @job to switch jobs any time and you can acquire the entire job tree that way. Once you acquire a job, it will never go away. Switching jobs is completely free and can be done anytime, anywhere.

**Q: How does learning skills work?**
A: You must equip an item that teaches a skill in order for it to gain EXP so it can level up. As long as you have an item that teaches a skill equipped, the skill will gain EXP. You do not have to be the job of the skill in order for it to gain EXP and level up. You can use @learnskills to see which items teach which skills and @whatskills to see what skills you are currently learning and their EXP. After a skill is learned, you no longer need the item equipped to use it. Some skills are usable with many weapons and jobs, and others are not.

**Q: What are some good skills to learn first?**
A: Increased Max HP and MP skills from warrior and magician are good to get early on. Everything else is sort of as you feel like it.

**Q: Does Increased MaxHP/MaxMP work on other classes or do I need to change to warrior/mage to get the extra HP/MP?**
A: It works regardless of the job you have while leveling up.

**Q: Do critical passive skills work with other classes?**
A: No, the client is just coded that way.

**Q: How can I get NX?**
A: Voting on the website. If you have Ublock on you might not see the vote button so you will need to disable it.

**Q: I'm a Cygnus/Aran, what to do?**
A: Cygnus and Aran skills will be added in the future, but for now you can talk to Vikin in Lith Harbor to get the beginner job.

**Q: How can I increase my inventory space?**
A: Nana(H) in Henesys. The price goes up by 4 mill each expansion, but storage slots remain at 4m/expansion until 24+ slots. Note that expanding slots using NX is disabled here.

**Q: Maker works?**
A: Not yet.

**Q: Family works?**
A: No.

**Q: How can I get Lidium?**
A: Mohamad in Ariant.

**Q: How to get Perfect Pitch?**
A: Collect 1000 mossy snail shells.

**Q: What to do with Maple Leaf?**
A: Nothing yet.

**Q: How can I get TP Rocks/Fast Travel Tickets/Eye of Fire/Megaphones?**
A: Inkwell in FM.

**Q: I was kicked for hacks but I wasn't hacking!**
A: Don't worry about it, the detection system misdetects things sometimes and that is why it only ever disconnects. All actual bans for hacking are done manually by a GM, who confirms it first.

**Q: Is there a player ranking anywhere?**
A: You can use the @ranks command in-game to view the top 50 players.

**Q: I want to play the game in a larger window without going fullscreen! Is it possible?**
A: Yes. You can use DxWnd ( )

**Q: I can't do my job advancement! The NPC won't let me get it. Why?**
A: Make sure you don't have letters from multiple job instructors in your inventory at the same time.

**Q: Do you accept donations? What are the perks?**
A: You can donate at although it should be a lot more out of wanting to see the server thrive than for perks. You get a donator status in-game which gives you access to a few extra commands and the Donator rank in Discord.

**Q: Why isn't there an account unstick page on the website?**
A: Account unstick pages can only handle database online flag bug fixing. My source has refined connection management and that bug never occurs. If you get stuck, you're getting stuck in the channel server, which isn't something an unstick page can fix. You'll have to wait up to ~20 mins for it to resolve itself.