No Enterprise
Official Launch Updates
- Reimplemented the asynchronous processing model to remove the constant lag.
- NX equipment no longer gains EXP nor levels up.
- Rings (even non-NX ones) no longer gain EXP.
- Equipment EXP given is now a distributed value per item based on amount gained, instead of the full amount to each.
- The initial tutorial maps have changed tilesets.
- The FM has a changed tileset.
- Chimney Possessed by the Clown is no longer normally accessible.
- Zedbug no longer teaches Dragon Roar.
- An entire mapset called Advanced Chaos has been added. Accessible via Donation Box in Henesys Park.
- All 3 Lilin's Rings are now individually labelled.
- Fixed the NPC Aldol to be functional again.
- Fixed the NPC Mark of the Squad to be functional again.
- Fixed the NPC The Forgotten Temple Manager to be functional again.
- Fixed the NPC Jack to be functional again.
- Nella now properly warps you out of KPQ.
- Tippo Red no longer drops Norman Grip at a ridiculous rate.
- Blue Lorin now teaches Shining Ray.
- Dark Pirate Boots now teaches Flash Jump.
- Dragon Purple Sleve now teaches Triple Throw.
- Minimum player requirement for The Boss lowered to 1.
- Minimum player requirement for Scarga lowered to 2.
- Leprechaun no longer drops Green Snowboard Top.
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