No Enterprise
Beta Update #4
- Inkwell now sells regular Megaphone for 2 million mesos
- Inkwell now sells Item Megaphone for 8 million mesos
- Slightly tweaked detection for a few hacks to lower misdetections
- Actually completely fixed disappearing NPCs issue
- Miu Miu no longer sells VIP Teleport Rock
- @skills command temporarily moved to Donator+ to help with global server lag it causes
- Improved server performance for packet encryption and sending
- @mapowner command now shows total ownership time along with expiry time
- Added skillbook-based skill support within the item skills system
- Elemental Staff 5 now teaches Meteor Shower
- Elemental Staff 7 now teaches Blizzard
- Improved performance of map object spawns and despawns
- Migrated to a better server to help with the out of memory crashes (Thanks Loki!)
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